Monday, February 2, 2009

6-Month Checkup: The Results are in

So, we went to the vet on Friday. First we get weighed in and guess what? He lost 3 lbs!! So he's now at 53.3 lbs. This is fantastic news, really, cause it's the dead of winter here, so I'm sure the rest of the weight will be coming off quickly once we get into spring.

Our wonderful vet drew his blood and glanced over our chart. She noticed that we were due for his heartworm test in April, so she suggested that, as long as they had blood going out that we should just get that done now. She went to price our options out and came back to suggest we do a general "wellness" lab that would cover the electrolytes, heartworm, and also test basic bodily functions like liver function, CBC, kidney function, etc. Made sense to me.

So she called with the results today and said that everything looked "perfect". She sounded so pleased on the phone, which makes me pleased. Having spent the last 6 months dealing with regulating a long-term disease, worrying about medication dosages, dealing with side effects of the meds (immune suppression, reactivity, weight gain), managing his stress, etc. etc. it's a wonderful feeling to know that, overall, he's incredibly healthy.

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