Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I love our groomer

I've raved about our groomer before. But I haven't lately and I'm overdue. He's been really fantastic about Lucky, his breed and his Addison's. Unbelievably phenomenal. After every grooming with have a brief post-mortem about how he did, what was stressful, etc.

Lucky, being the intelligent dog he is, clues in very quickly that he is at our club not to run A-Frames or dog walks but for a grooming. And he starts shaking. And it's hearbreaking. This time it was bad enough that our groomer had to carry him back to the grooming area.

So when I went to pick him up, I asked him about the possibility of coming in maybe once a week or so to just hand-feed Lucky his meals and begin to counter-condition him to the whole process. And he was 120% for it. I have free access to the whole area, including the grooming room, whenever the place is open. Even if he has other clients. Unbelievable. He is so amazing.

Anyway, if you look at the last post, you can see what a fuzzy blob Lucky was before grooming. When I pulled his fur straight, it was 4" long. I think he may have given the groomer a bit of trouble with his head cause it's not quite 'right', but, still, it's like a different dog!

I am so charming.

Pounce on Mom!

What do you mean stand still?
Sleeeeeeeeeeeeepy puppy

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