Monday, December 14, 2009

Two Random Photos


He's not spoiled at all

Photographic proof they don't hate each other!

Sharing the same chair

Curled up on the same bed

Lucky using Indy as a head rest

Yeah, we're pretty chill now.

Monday, December 7, 2009

He lost 5 lbs!

Took Lucky to the vet and had him hop up on the scale. It read 47.5lbs. Last month it read 52.5.

It was such a surprise that, when they were ready for us, the vet tech had me re-weigh him. That's a lot of weight to lose in a month's time. And, in an Addison's dog, unexplained weight loss is not a good thing. But, talking with the vet, I think it's 4 things.

1) The Spouse had reduced his food intake this month by nearly 1/2 cup a day
2) They've been better about getting those nightly walks in
3) He and Indy actually play every day now, so there's a lot more activity
4) We just got back from a long weekend up north, which is a lot more activity than normal as well

So I told The Spouse to take his food intake back up to normal. We'll see if he remains at the same weight or not. If he drops again, we'll probably need to run bloodwork to make sure everything is ok.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Grooming Day!

Before they left - hairy beasts with no eyes.


That would be Lucky being his usual gregarious self and Indy absolutely terrified. The Spouse freaked her out because when I opened the door he was crouched down with the camera up - GIANT BLOBBY THING WITH ONE EYE IN THE KITCHEN! AUGH! She tried to run right back out the door.


Tug of war with...a squeaky ball? Whatever works, I guess.

Indy with the remains of the Dino Cuz
(he lacks feet, spines and, after this photo, a tail)

Pretty girl with her new 'do!

Indy curled up by The Spouse, snoring loudly

"Oi! Can you pipe down over there? I'm trying to sleep!"