Thursday, October 30, 2008


My dad used to sing that song at me whenever my hair got REALLY long.

I now sing it to Lucky when he looks like this:


He spent a week turning into Wild Dog of the Woods with his cousin Ozzie while we were on vacation. He gets groomed tomorrow. I'm going to have to tip the groomer really well.

Friday, October 10, 2008

It's a BBD Sleepover!

BBD = Big Black Dog.

Lucky's "cousin" Ozzie is over for the weekend while his owners are out of town. Ozzie is Lucky's BFF.

So I got home today and let the dogs out to play

They chased each other all around the yard. I ran after them calling "I'm gonna gettcho!"

"I'm on Gool!" (notice Ozzie's paw-touch to the sandbox area)

Then they decided to wrassle for a bit.

BBDs posing by the flower garden.

Politely sitting, waiting for permission to go inside.

Each dog was told to "Go to your bed" for his treat. For Lucky, this trick is old hat.

For Ozzie this was a new thing but he got the idea pretty quickly!

Then Dad got home and treated him to the BBD Stare-A-Thon (srsly, they stared at me all afternoon. it's creepy)

Dad grabbed the Holy Squeaky Squirrel (much like the Holy Hand Grenade)

Pouncing on the squirrel...well... some of us.

Lastly, a WWF wrestling match to quiet them down

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Back to "normal"

Well, what normal is in our house.

Lucky recovered just fine from the kennel cough. He then developed an ear infection, so we had ear drops for that that we just finished up last night.

He had another Percorten injection (still at 1.4. we'll reduce next time). We've also reduced his prednisolone to 2.5mg per day (from 5mg) and he's doing just fine there. In fact, if I could cut these pills in half again, I'd do so and see where that takes us. His appetite isn't quite as out of control but it's not back to normal yet. He's up to 50lbs now.

I need to get him in for another grooming. He's a bit of a mess.