Monday, January 26, 2009

6-month "check up" on Friday

He goes in on Friday to have his 6-month blood draw. It would be a day 28 draw, since he'll also be getting his monthly injection. I'm expecting things to go just fine, though I hope the lab gets the results back on Saturday rather than Monday. When he first got sick we went in on Friday and they had the electrolytes back the next day, so let's all hope they're just as efficient for routine work as potential emergencies.

I'm also hoping he's lost some weight. Looking at him I think he has, but that just may be wishful thinking. We've been very good about his nightly walks, though - of the 26 days in January, so far he's been walked 24 of them (2 days were lost to dangerously low temps). So there's hope I'm not just deluding myself.

I also need to get his fuzzy butt in to the groomer. It's been a couple months now and he's so due. He's got 3" long fur along the back of his legs (it's about 2-ish" elsewhere). When I leave it be it looks like he's wearing western fringe and when I comb it out he looks like he's wearing big 80s leg warmers. It's hysterical.

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