Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year, New Dog

It's been 6 months since Lucky's diagnosis. In hind sight, he's been a very lucky dog. We caught it early, before a crash. He has a fantastic, compassionate vet who doesn't mind my nitpicky questions, he's been perfectly healthy and stable since going on his medication without a change in his lifestyle.

He has, however, gained 10 lbs. Most likely due to the prednisolone. However, since we have reduced the dose to about 1mg/1.25mg (depending how I cut the pill. :P), his weight has stabilized and his appetite is back to normal.

So, as of today, Mr. Piggy is on a "diet" and increased exercise routine. So, no more Charlee Bears for treats - just kibble. For dinners he gets half his meal in a Buster Cube, which involves actively working for his dinner rather than just scarfing it out of a bowl. I would do breakfast too but he tends to knock it to inaccesible places that I would rather not have him pawing about under (like the entertainment cabinet with all the electrical wires). And walks are now at least 4 miles - tonight was 8 miles!

It's hoped that he'll start to drop off the pounds if we keep up with it.

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