Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sticker Shock

Yesterday was Lucky's 2nd Percorten injection. This time we actually had to pay the bottle fee (our first week they just charged an injection fee). And it's likely that a bottle will last about 2 months - maybe a bit more if his dosage goes down.


Holy mother of God.

So, that's about $90/month for the Percorten. Our prednisone runs about $23 for 100 pills, so that's about $8/month for those. $100/month for just the meds. I'm not sure how much the bloodwork will cost - he goes in in 2 weeks for his 14-day electrolyte test, then again at 3 weeks and again at 4 weeks. Once he's reasonably stable, he'll only go in every 6 months.

I need to get a credit card for vet expenses that has a rewards program attached. This is going to add up quick. It may as well add up to hotel stays or cash back or something.

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