Sunday, June 22, 2008

First post-diagnosis swimming trip

He had a BLAST. He got to fetch and swim and roll in a dead possum (ew), and fetch and swim some more.

AND! He got to CHASE.DUCKS! He'd been ignoring them most of the time, being focused on the stick we had for him (basically, a cut-down dowel). But then a few of the ducks started causing a ruckus and he stared at them and you could hear him thinking "Wait a minute. That's PREY!" and took off after them. Scattered them all around, splashing after them and generally having a grand ol' doggy time. As I ran over to herd him back, I passed a couple with a toddler - as I jogged by, the woman asked "He's adorable. What breed of dog is he?"

"Portuguese Water Dog," I called over my shoulder.

She started laughing. I rounded him up and we started back to where we'd been playing. He ran up, "tagged" the dad (meaning he planted a great, wet, sandy paw on the guy's midsection), shook the water off his coat onto the delighted toddler, and went tearing over to The Spouse.

In all, it was a great morning. He loved every second of it. I think we'll be regular visitors throughout the summer. Unfortunately, we didn't have a camera with us. Maybe next time.

He goes in tomorrow for his next DOCP injection. I'm sure there'll be a post after that.

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