Monday, June 16, 2008

Looks like the groomer will be a no-go for a long time

When he was first diagnosed, our vet said that we'd have to learn his big stress triggers and either avoid them or manage unavoidable situations with his medication. We already knew his biggest trigger was the groomer, so I had figured I'd start grooming him at home to lengthen the amount of time between professional appointments.

On Friday I took Lucky to the pet store that's attached to his groomer. And he just absolutely lost it. Took two steps out of the car, recognized where we were, bucked back on the leash and sat down. I tried taking him in the door furthest away from the grooming shop, he dragged me over to the grass along the side, tail tucked.

I finally coaxed him in the store with the promise of chicken treats (what we were there to buy). He did ok, until I tried walking to the aisle with the treats - close to the grooming shop.

I had to leave him in a down-stay while I did my shopping. He was absolutely terrified that I was taking him to the groomer.

I see a long series of counter-conditioning coming up. Driving out to the store and sitting in the parking lot, popping treats in his mouth, driving home. Gah.

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Amy said...

You're doing the right thing...we've got that to work on as well. Ya just gotta keep going back and trying, practicing, coaxing, maybe even massaging! You're doing great.