Tuesday, September 21, 2010

In which the Nursery becomes interesting

About a month ago we got our crib.  We put it up - the dogs sniffed it and walked away.

A couple weeks ago we got the bedding and a closet solution.  We installed the closet, put the bedding on the crib, wound up the mobile -  the dogs sniffed it and walked away.

We bought some clothes and books.  The dogs sniffed them and walked away.

We started walks with the stroller.  The dogs ignore it and walk as politely as ever.

This past weekend I had a small-ish shower, so I came home with a trunk full of baby gear - bathtub, high chair, car seat base, diapers, Nuks, bottles, rattles, booties, hats, stuffed animals, blankets....

All of a sudden!  The nursery is this fascinating place that must be investigated every time they go upstairs.  Diapers!  Small toys that make noises!  Even bowls are getting a testing tooth put on them.

They've already tried appropriating some of the toys and rattles as their own.  A firm "Ah ah" is generally enough of a deterrent and they're dropping the item on cue if the urge to nibble is too great (well, Lucky is... Indy still needs a little encouragement).

The door to the nursery is shut unless I'm up there to supervise.  We go in at least once a day to let them sniff and explore.  They get lots of cookies for sniffing but not nibbling.  I also put together a basket of diapers to keep on the main floor so they get used to baby smells down there, too.

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Two Crazy Coaches said...

These two will be great when the little one comes along! Your little one is going to be lucky to have two dogs to grow up with! Hope all continues to go well!